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Working with traditional materials always was key in my work. Although I see myself as a multi-medial artist, painting is for the moment my main focus. Influenced by my studies in Sculpture, my early paintings were of a more pasty thickness as if I wanted to provide depth in my paintings by sculpting. Inspired by everyday simplicity, my attention shifted.

To challenge myself I started working more controlled and figurative, the expression that once lay in thickness of paint moved to an expressive use of color with still a hint of thickness visible through the brushstrokes.

Out of a great need to experiment, I am again more searching for texture and structures. This can manifest itself in use of pasty layers of paint or the use of clay, wood, electronics, fabric... whatever attracts me. My creation process is very intuitive, starting from what I see around me and then losing myself in the material. It is a search of balance in composition, colour and texture which are key.

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